Where we come from.
and where we are going.

What would eventually become MYKKE HOFMANN started out as the passion project of Sedina Halilovic and Jelena Hofmann – two high school friends who discovered early on that they shared a unique way of perceiving the world, especially the world of fashion. What a woman wears, they felt, should not only suit her aesthetically, it should also underline her femininity in a subtly striking way. It should empower her to feel confident throughout her daily challeneges. It was on the basis of this shared conviction that they founded their own fashion label: holyGhost.

Seven years, 13 collections and countless little projects, celebrations, setbacks, and successes later, they realized that it was time for a change. holyGhost had been their playground, it had allowed them to try things out, experiment, and learn along the way. But as they matured, so did the company – losing its naïveté, becoming more focused, with a stronger mission statement and more pronounced ambitions. That’s when they realized that what had long been one of their greatest worries, a lawsuit over the use of the name “holyGhost”, which had lingered with them ever since their first successes, was actually an incredible opportunity. By changing their name, they could escape the legal threat, while at the same time showing to the world that their brand was ready to turn the page and start a new chapter. The title of that chapter? MYKKE HOFMANN.

Under this new name, Sedina and Jelena retain their holistic attitude towards fashion design, striving to be not only aesthetically striking but also empowering. At the same time, they are now even more confident in playing with different materials and colors, and in their approach of combining sleek silhouettes with striking details and sophisticated patterns. Key products will continue to be accessible coats, dresses, overalls, and blouses, similar to those made by holyGhost, but with the newfound focus and confidence of MYKKE HOFMANN. It is that same confidence that can be found behind the scenes, where Sedina and Jelena have recently invested in their own production line, giving them the ability to not only ensure the quality of their garments but also the working conditions of their employees. All of this, of course, is just a start – an introduction, if you will, to the new chapter that is MYKKE HOFMANN. But already, we can see that these first lines are written with the same kind of passion that has made the first part of the story such a success – and the next pages are just waiting to be filled.